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Nature Scotland, Education, Isle of Mull, Wildlife Tours


Wildlife tours with a strong emphasis on education

Working with the local community and social groups to inform and inspire 

Writing children's books and school engagement

A powerful education tool...

Wildlife tours are a great opportunity for guests to view a diversity of species and have a positive observational experience but we also view them as an excellent chance to educate people. 


Watching a wildlife species brings forward the opportunity to put the spotlight onto their interconnected world, including the habitat, their ecological role, threats and requirements.

Connecting to the Communities

We feel that it is an important duty to give back as much as possible to the local communities and especially to a very rural island lifestyle.

Over the years we have led a number of different nature-based events on the Isle of Mull. They have included Stargazing Evenings, Birdsong ID events and Children's 'Wildlife Adventures' during the school holidays. Ewan has also provided talks and tours for the islands bird club.


Inspiring the next generation

Ewan and his father John have written Children's books which aim to have a high impact for children to spark or grow a love for the natural world.

They can be purchased from our Nature Store and we give these out complimentary to each child which joins a day tour with Nature Scotland.

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