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Book a tour with Nature Scotland


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Discover the huge diversity of wildlife around the Solway Firth along with

the fascinating natural history of Hadrian's Wall and the Scottish Borders!

Monday 9th - Friday 13th December 2019 - 6 SPACES


- Led by John Miles and co-led by Ewan Miles

- All inclusive package holiday - food, accommodation and wildlife tours.

- Stay at a 4 STAR HOTEL & SPA
- A small group experience (max 6) for ethically sustainable wildlife watching.
- 5 wildlife tours in and around the Solway Firth and the Scottish Borders.
- Over 40,000 Barnacle Geese wintering on the Solway and a plethora of other wildfowl species.
- Target raptor species include - Goshawk, Peregrine, Merlin, Hen Harrier and Red Kite.
- We will seek out one of the biggest Starling murmurations in the UK!
- Explore Hadrians Wall - a World Heritage Site.
- We will visit one of the top winter nature reserves in the UK - WWT Caerlaverock.

- We will attend the 'Carlisle Natural History Society' where Ewan will provide a talk on 'The Wildlife of the Ardnamurchan peninsula'.
- Transport available to and from the local train station.


* There is a £100 extra cost for single occupancy.

* On booking please advise of any special requirements medical or dietary.

* Easy going walks of 1-5km will be undertaken.

* Walks are optional, stay close to the vehicle with one of the guides if not undertaking the walks.