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(10am - 5pm)

A wildlife tour of the rural areas around Moffat and further afield

Visit the realm of the eagle and search for the majestic Golden Eagle

Other target species include Osprey, Red Squirrels, Red Kite, Peregrine

Free pickup available from the Carlisle area!

We are delighted to be providing tours for the Moffat Eagle Festival this September!

Friday 6th Sept 2024 (10am - 5pm)

Sat 7th Sept 2024 (10am - 5pm)

Sun 8th Sept 2024 (10am - 5pm)

Adults - £80     U16s - £60



  • Explore the rural areas of Moffat and further afield

  • Tours start in Moffat and local pick-ups can be arranged, even from Carlisle!
  • Visit the realm of the Golden Eagle and here about the exciting re-introduction project taking place!
  • Other target species include Osprey, Red Squirrel, Red Kite, Goshawk and more!
  • Private tailored tours can focus on Hen Harriers, Short-eared Owls and Merlin.
  • Binoculars and a spotting scope will be available to use.

  • Free pickup from the Carlisle area!

Adults - £80     U16s - £60

* For private tours, get in touch!


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