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Lock away carbon - reducing our footprint

Restore nature and boost biodiversity

Trying to give back to the natural world - our life support systems!


Working with Nature...

We’re delighted to work in partnership with SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a charity that works to drive the recovery of nature across Scotland through rewilding, in response to the growing climate and biodiversity crisis.

Each year, we contribute a percentage of our income to a dedicated rewilding fund that catalyses the creation of new natural habitats, providing a home for bugs, butterflies, bees and birds, as well as locking up carbon.

The Northwoods Rewilding Fund

The Northwoods Rewilding Fund provides a pathway for businesses to return fully functioning wild ecosystems to thousands of acres across Scotland, through the restoration of natural habitats. This first-of-its-kind private impact fund is dedicated to ecological recovery

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