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Ewan is available to hire for any photography services including wildlife, landscapes, time-lapse and night photography

Nature Scotland is available to hire for any film / media productions on Mull. We have a team of dedicated Naturalists and two 9-seat vans available

In recent years we have worked as consultants for BBC Springwatch, Winterwatch, Autumnwatch and 'Wildspace Productions' for a Netflix documentary called 'Our Oceans'

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BBC Springwatch - Six weeks as a consultant and trail camera operator 2021 /22

  • In 2021 / 22 Ewan was employed for six weeks with the BBC to work as a consultant for the very popular 'Watches' series based on Mull.

  • One role included monitoring wildlife habitats and nests for potential filming stories along with advising on the story subjects.

  • Ewan also was required to set up some camera traps to try and capture certain target species to air on the live shows.

  • A short VT on Adders was another involvement for Ewan to communicate how they are faring on Mull along with threats, habitat and overall ecology.

Wildspace Productions - Netflix Documentary Filming

  • Ewan worked for 5 weeks with Wildspace Productions on the Isle of Mull in Oct / Nov 2021 to assist with the filming of Netflix series 'Our Oceans'.

  • Work involved consulting on locations and stories to suit with the storyboard / targets.

  • Spotting the target species and communicating the behaviour to the head cameraman, Simon King.

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