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Time in the wild...

A day in the mountains was long overdue so on Friday I gave myself a rare day off to explore the high tops of #Mull. On the ascent up I saw my first Redwings on the season, with 6 birds feeding on Rowan berries in a nearby ravine. As soon as I reached the summit I heard the rippling sound of Snow Buntings overhead and counted 5 birds (photo is in the comments).

Bellowing Red Deer stags were providing soundscapes throughout the day and at times I felt like I was on the set of Jurassic Park!

No Snow Grouse today but I did find their droppings which is nice to see evidence of one of the islands rarest breeders.

Mountain Hares (pictured) continue to appear in healthy numbers on the higher ground as I saw six individuals including a leveret.

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