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A Day to Never Forget...

A Nature Scotland staff day out with Sea Life Mull - HUMPBACK WHALE!

After providing another week of land-based wildlife tours on #Mull, the team got together to have a staff trip aboard Sea Life Mull to search for cetaceans and seabirds. After some great sightings of Minke Whales, C Dolphins and H Porpoise, the sharp-eyed skipper James spotted a big blow to the west and very shortly afterwards we were watching a Humpback Whale! Due to the distinctive fluke markings, we know that this is the same animal that was seen in these waters recently and also feeding off Tiree this summer as well.

On a personal note, Humpback Whale was my first ever cetacean species at the age of 9 when my dad took me and my brother Tom to search for and successfully see a HW in the Clyde, Glasgow!

A wonderful encounter and my first HW in Mull waters, lets hope this may become a more regular sight in the years to come.

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