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Meet our Seasonal Naturalists, Theo and Jack...

Meet our Seasonal Naturalists, Theo and Jack...

Theo is almost halfway through his season here on #Mull! He was introduced to the natural world at a young age and having gained an extended diploma in Countryside Management decided to pursue a career in conservation. He has spent 2 years working as a reserve warden in North Norfolk where his passion for the natural world grew to a new level. He is also an amateur photographer and bird ringer but birdwatching is his main passion. Theo also has lots of expertise in moth identification. Mull has much quintessential wildlife but also a plethora of stunning and rare moths and insects on the wing which may escape the untrained eye. Our other Naturalist Jack has just nipped across the Sound of #Mull from Oban to join us for the season! He is a Marine Scientist who is currently residing in Oban. He spent his childhood running around the Inverness countryside forming a love of nature which has followed him into adulthood.

Jack moved to the west coast to complete a degree in Marine Science, but he quickly fell in love with its coastline and islands. Despite having travelled as far afield as Costa Rica to conduct animal surveys he knows the west coast of Scotland is truly unrivalled for wildlife experiences. He spent last summer spotting Basking Sharks around the Hebrides and has a particular passion for sea birds - his enthusiasm for which is easy to catch!

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